The Eye of the Tiger

The Eye of the Tiger

Wilbur Smith

Language: English

Pages: 403

ISBN: 0312979398

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The deep. The deadly. The damned...

For a thousand years, an unimaginable treasure has rested on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, hidden by swift blue currents, guarded by deadly coral reefs, and even deadlier school of man-eating great white sharks. Harry Fletcher, a former soldier turned fisherman, is now being pulled into a murderous mystery by men willing to kill and a beautiful woman willing to lie for what rests far beneath the sea. Now, Harry has no choice but to enter full bore into an international battle to raise an extraordinary object from the deep. Because possessing this treasure isn't just about getting rich--it's about staying alive... in Wilbur Smith's The Eye of the Tiger.

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