Gold Sharks

Gold Sharks

Albert Able

Language: English

Pages: 206


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At the height of its power in World War two, the Imperial Japanese war machine controlled much of the Far East. Their early, almost un-checked conquests allowed them to loot vast unrecorded hoards of treasure and huge amounts of gold bullion from the banks.

Consequently tons of gold and silver were buried, in one hundred and seventy five separate sites, including many of the deep caves, which litter the Philippines. The victorious American army eventually captured General Yamashita and seeking revenge for their defeat earlier in the war, the Americans put the General on trial for war crimes. Unsurprisingly, with some thirty five thousand Philippine civilians massacred, in the latter stages of the Japanese occupation, he was found guilty.

Unfortunately he was rather too hastily executed, and so the exact coordinates of the gold caches went to the grave with him. Tantalizingly some has since been recovered, but the location of the great majority remains a mystery to this day. Consequently the legend of 'Yamashita's Gold' still attracts scores of hopeful treasure hunters, from around the globe. GOLD SHARKS is the exciting story of one such attempt to uncover a fortune.

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